Our Philosophy

Javanero Indonesia

PT Javanero Indonesia Arta (“Javanero”) is a Specialty Arabica Producer & processor who distribute specialty coffee from Java, Bali, Sumatera and Papua locally and has penetrated to international market since 2014. Our first Processing Mill is in Gamboeng Village, Gunung Tilu, Bandung regency, West Java province (distance: 42km from the City of Bandung). Now we have more than 10 processing mills near to the Plantation to produce best quality Specialty Arabica green beans.

JAVANERO has strength as coffee processor and distributor who commits to sustainability & traceability as the most important factor in the industry because JAVANERO has JAVAKOIN as its important asset which prioritize the empowerment and welfare of farmers and their families with social capital concept as the soul of its business. Social Capital is a balance concept between people, planet and profit. This will be the pioneer of farmers community power either from coffee or other commodities.


To promote Indonesia as a major Specialty Coffee producer in the world.


To introduce coffee culture to general public in Indonesia.
To encourage the Indonesian community to appreciate and to consume better quality coffee.
To play a role in improving the welfare and livelihood of coffee growers using sustainable activities

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